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USAI Lighting Trade Show Booth

USAI Lighting 30x50 Trade Show Booth

USAI Lighting Trade Show Booth

USAI Lighting Trade Show Booth


Exhibit Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Furniture, Fixture Design

Winner- Lightfair Best Booth, Exhibitor Magazine Best Fabric Exhibit

There's something utterly magical about effective storytelling. In fact, for New Windsor, NY-based USAI Lighting LLC, an exhibit clearly organized into eight product-story areas wasn't just magical; it was an award-winning masterpiece that judges called "a study in color, form, and materials that was perfectly balanced in every way."

Comprising tensioned-fabric components, USAI's 30-by-50-foot exhibit for Lightfair International told the tale of the firm's innovative approach to LED lighting, which allows users to select the color and intensity of light to fit each specific area's — or each day's — needs. As attendees approached the structure, they discovered a series of walls towering up to 15 feet tall, which formed a perimeter around the space. Backlit acrylic panels in muted gold featured the USAI logo and highlighted the two main exhibit entrances.

Once inside the booth, visitors were immersed in a white environment peppered with pops of brilliant colors. Here, staffers guided attendees through the eight different areas, and revealed product stories ranging from an interactive demo of color-curve dimming to an educational display detailing how artificial light affects circadian rhythms in humans.

Each of the eight areas featured colorful graphics, photos, lighting, and pro-duct displays, along with recessed cubbyholes for collateral literature. While attendees could manipulate various dimmer switches, the lights in each story area also could be controlled from an iPad manned by USAI staff.

Fabric headers and carpet in the company's orange hue warmed and unified the entire space, while cheerful clusters of cylindrical, jewel-toned stools encouraged relaxed conversation. With its uncluttered interior, elegant color palette, and simple effective graphics.