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Yacht Restoration

Yacht Restoration

Herreshoff S Class- Yacht Restoration - with Lanegate Woodworking

Design, Fabrication

Phoenix is a 27 foot, one design,1926 Herreshoff S-Class Racing Yacht that was restored over the span of 10 years using new technologies to make her better than original. 

Phoenix now campaigns along with 10 other S-Class yachts on the Long Island Sound in addition to a dozen others in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine.  This affirmation of solidarity among wooden boat owners is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company

Through the years, Phoenix has endured hurricanes, a fire, and the normal corrosive effects of salt air and sweet water. Following original blueprints, respect for the Herrishoff tradition guided the restoration project, while giving a nod to modern practices. This involved using new adhesives, finishes, and construction methods that resulted in a more stable and durable vessel. Over 90 percent of the yacht components were replaced or refurbished. The most innovative approach was to have a whole removable interior while not sacrificing structural integrity.

phoenix interior1.JPG